Soheil Ayari, an experienced motorsport driver, recently participated in the 2024 Monaco Historic Grand Prix, an event for which he was technically supported by the company Soermel Laser. Born in Aix-les-Bains, France, in 1970, Ayari has had a rich and varied career, including prestigious participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and various GT and endurance championships across Europe. His extensive experience covers driving high-performance GT cars to prototypes, making him particularly well-suited to the competitive nature of historic Formula 1 racing.

The Monaco Historic Grand Prix is a major event that celebrates the golden eras of Formula 1, with races featuring historic Grand Prix cars from the pre-war period up to 1980. The 2024 edition of this biennial event attracts enthusiasts and former drivers like Ayari, celebrating the rich heritage and exciting spectacle of classic racing.

Soermel Laser has established itself as a key technical partner in motorsport. For the 2024 Monaco event, our collaboration with Ayari includes advanced laser technologies for the fabrication of unique parts and the precise restoration and maintenance of historic racing vehicles. This technical collaboration is crucial in historic racing, where preserving authenticity in terms of performance and appearance is essential.

The partnership between Ayari and Soermel Laser illustrates a fusion between the passion for classic motorsport and cutting-edge technology. This synergy not only enhances performance but also ensures that the vehicles remain true to their historical roots while incorporating modern improvements in terms of safety and performance. This relationship is beneficial for both parties: Ayari benefits from custom technological solutions, while Soermel Laser showcases its capabilities in a highly visible arena, demonstrating their contribution to the preservation and enhancement of historic racing cars’ performance.

In summary, Ayari’s participation in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, supported by Soermel Laser, highlights the ongoing importance of technical innovation in motorsport, even in the realm of historic racing. This event underscores the enduring appeal of Formula 1 history and the continuous evolution of racing technology.